Just a random French guy, Le Club Dorothée ruined my life.


I’m a consumer throughout so making a blog wasn’t something instinctive but I decided to do it anyways since unfortunately some of the games I like are generally very obscure even in Japan. But I don’t see myself as someone on a mission, most of the times I found these random obscure games by complete accident.

My interests are pretty varied and while I have a strong attraction to Japanese subculture in general I try to keep my options open, after all we only have one life and I would hate to miss cool stuff due to some bias.

But this blog will solely be about Japanese subculture and while I may review some console games, commercial eroge, LNs or Japanese novels later on I’m planning on keeping reviewing doujin games for now.

Don’t hesitate to contact me there:

Reopening my ask.fm, this time I’ll answers questions I promise



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