The Hegemony of Free Games pt2: CyberRebeat This post will be about one free game only, CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare- You can get it there: CyberRebeat is a doujin game developed by the group E.N.Nach, it was originally released during the comiket and later distributed for free. First to talk about the most unpleasant part of the game and … Continue reading The Hegemony of Free Games pt2: CyberRebeat


The Hegemony of Free Games pt1

It's been a while but I've been meaning on making that post for a while to talk about an area of Japanese subculture that have been really impressing me recently: the free games The free games are simply doujin/indie games released as their names indicate for free, often on sites focused them like They … Continue reading The Hegemony of Free Games pt1

デイグラシアの羅針盤, overview

全てが失われた、真昏い海の底 命じられるがまま全てを天に差し出し、傷だらけで祈る男。彼が残されたものはひとつだけ 信仰という名の、呪い 海底には、静寂だけが、横たえられた 。。。 けれど、本当はそれだけじゃないことを、俺たちは、ちゃんと知っていた August 1st, 2033- The deep sea pleasure cruise, <SHEEP III>, with over 50 passengers on board, sinks. And four days later- "There are two survivors. One of them is Katagiri Hitose, a grad student." "And the other one is..." The completely forgotten <other survivor>. What happened in the four … Continue reading デイグラシアの羅針盤, overview